Doodling in 3D

The other day I walked in to my son’s room to marvel at whatever he was doing besides getting ready for the day, and I commented on a simple but gravity-defying block creation he had next to his bed.  “What’s that?” I asked.  “Oh, I was just doodling, ” he replied.  Doodling.  It had never crossed my mind that one could doodle in 3D, but there it was.  Doodling is the mind seeking creativity while it is occupied with other things, and it is through this kind of accidental, non-goal-directed play that some wonderful discoveries are made.

The Keva classes I lead are an open opportunity for young people and their parents to spend a bit of time doodling~learning, exploring, and creating in an environment that values discovery, innovation, and risk-taking.  Come build with us and see what you will create.

Laura Palumbo